What is my purpose?

Hal is a web-based deployment platform for AWS,
Private Datacenters, and Infrastructure as Code.

But don't worry, those aren't the only technologies it supports. Hal can build and deploy any type of project - including Windows and .NET-based projects!

It's responsive, has a hypermedia API, and built on PHP 7, Symfony, Docker, and << TBD >> design system.

What can I do?

Here are just a few of the many features that Hal supports.

Pardon our dust! We've recently open-sourced Hal and are working hard on the next major version - version 3.0.

Native support for AWS

Deploy to S3, Elastic Beanstalk, CodeDeploy and more! Hal can also delegate and control access to many AWS accounts to support any account structure your team uses.

Built for teams both big and small

Hal has role-based access so you can control who can deploy what applications. Hal has built-in support for Local accounts, LDAP, and GitHub identity providers.

Run Infrastructure as Code

Hal has features optimized for Terraform, and can securely handle access to your AWS account using roles. Seamlessly inject temporary, secure AWS credentials in your jobs to run Infrastructure as Code.

Flexible file-based configuration

Control your build environments and deployment workflow from .hal.yaml config in your version control.

Rollbacks and audit history

Quickly roll back to any previous version of your application. Hal also keeps a thorough audit log of all actions and changes made to the system.


Run your workflows in docker containers, on both windows and linux platforms within the same system.